Proficiency Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your art skills to the next level?
Our Proficiency Program is designed to do just that!

This is a program that walks you through the techniques and mindset to become a professional artist. Each course is a deep dive into various mediums including drawing, acrylics, oils, and mixed-media. Each course presents further opportunities to find your voice/style, build a portfolio, and learn techniques to market yourself as a professional artist.

At the completion of this program, you’ll have a body of work that you can show as you move into the next phase of your career as an artist!

While course terms will vary in length, depending on medium/subject, registered students receive their own set of professional quality materials. They will meet weekly for 2.5 hrs on a set day & time at the home studio of our founder/instructor Nichole Kluth in Casa Grande, AZ. Classes will be small and intimate offering a great deal of 1:1 time to develop yourself as an artist. The address will be released upon registration/payment. Register today at the link below and get ready to watch your skills grow!

Student Work

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